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Looking for some fun writing ideas? Try some of these below:

Rhyme Time

When I write stories, I sometimes like to make them rhyme. I practice my rhyming by thinking of lots of words that rhyme with each other. 

See if you can come up with ten words that rhyme with the ones below.

I bet it's trickier than you think.


Create your own character

Creating characters is fun and your only limit is your imagination.

Tip: Next time you want to create a character, and need a little inspiration, ask yourself these five questions. I have given a few examples to get you started. Lets see what you create.


1) How big is it?



As big as a planet?


4) Where is it from?


Outer Space? Under water?

A volcano?

3) What is it made from?


Slime?  Metal?  Fur?

5) Has it got

any special powers?


Fly?  Mind read? Change size?

2) Does it have arms and legs? Or does it have:


Tentacles for arms?  

Wings for ears?

Pogo sticks for legs?

Invent your own words

Have you learnt every word in the dictionary? Do you know all the languages of the world? Or are you just bored of using the same old words that everyone else does?

Well, I have an answer. Invent your own words and even give them a meaning. You can make them sound as silly or intelligent as you want, they are after all, your words.

Here are some I have made up to give you an idea:

Intelligent words

Quentarvine: Is the only word that acurately tells you the amount of sand you are holding in your hand without giving a number. "I am holding a quentarvine amount of sand in my hand".

Phyleech: means you can not decide which idea to go with, so you do both at the same time. "I am going to have to phyleech" 

Zundelling: describes the pain you feel from grazing your hand after falling over. "My hand is really zundelling right now!"

Silly Words

Beeggling: means to juggle bees. "Who would like first go?"

Tinnilliponpop: means brushing your eyebrows backwards. "Do you tinnilliponpop?"

Fluppumples: means jumping in the air and trumping at the same time. "Hey mum! I just did ten fluppumples in a row!"

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