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Chris Kay
Hi, I'm Chris Kay and I have  written and illustrated the picture books for K-Boom House. 

I studied Art and Design at College and then Ceramic Design at University. 

After University I decided to go travelling around New Zealand, and that was one of the best decisions I ever made. New Zealand has such a diverse and inspiring landscape. 

My passion for writing and illustrating children's picture books has evolved from my creative childish and adventurous side. Creating children's characters and stories feels and comes naturally. I am just a big kid at heart.  So writing picture books is perfect for me.  


I spent several years living in Dunedin, New Zealand with my Kiwi wife Chantelle. We now live back in south Manchester, UK with our two children to continue the success of K-Boom House.


I enjoy getting outside as much as possible, and am really into climbing. Life is an adventure, so start exploring!

Est 2011


K-Boom House is about creating amazing picture books. I hope for them to inspire children (and adults) to keep hold of their imaginations and creativity. Remember... EVERYONE CAN CREATE!

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